The Investment Answer by Gordon Murray & Daniel C. Goldie

The Investment Answer

By Gordon Murray & Daniel C. Goldie

  • Release Date: 2011-01-12
  • Genre: Personal Finance
Score: 4
From 201 Ratings
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What if there were a way to cut through all the financial mumbo-jumbo? Wouldn't it be great if someone could really explain to us-in plain and simple English-the basics we must know about investing in order to insure our financial freedom?

At last, here's good news.

Jargon-free and written for all investors-experienced, beginner, and everyone in between-THE INVESTMENT ANSWER distills the process into just five decisions-five straightforward choices that can lead to safe and sound ways to manage your money.
When Wall Street veteran Gordon Murray told his good friend and financial advisor, Dan Goldie, that he had only six months to live, Dan responded, "Do you want to write that book you've always wanted to do?" The result is this eminently valuable primer which can be read and understood in one sitting, and has advice that benefits you, not Wall Street and the rest of the traditional financial services industry.
THE INVESTMENT ANSWER asks readers to make five basic but key decisions to stack the investment odds in their favor. The advice is simple, easy-to-follow, and effective, and can lead to a more profitable portfolio for every investor. Specifically:
* Should I invest on my own or seek help from an investment professional?
* How should I allocate my investments among stocks, bonds, and cash?
* Which specific asset classes within these broad categories should I include in my portfolio?
* Should I take an actively managed approach to investing, or follow a passive alternative?
* When should I sell assets and when should I buy more?

In a world of fast-talking traders who believe that they can game the system and a market characterized by instability, this extraordinary and timely book offers guidance every investor should have.


  • Excellent

    By Dzammer
    Great book for understanding the basics of smart investing.
  • Nothing new

    By Therealspiel
    The author leads you to believe that he is going to tell you something fresh and new from an insiders's perspective. But all that is done here is a regurgitation of general investment knowledge. Save your 10 dollars. It appears to me that the author was merely attempting to leave a larger inheritance for his family.
  • A Strunk & White for Investing

    By grep2grok
    There, I said it. It's actually even shorter than the page count suggests, speaks frankly about the basics a cites sources. It serves as a stand-alone reference for many basic topics and as a great jumping off point for further reading. As a physics major, the mathematical basis of the principles described here are straight forward and I commend the authors for at least mentioning standard deviation, though I would think variance is really the better thing to think about ( standard deviation only applies to Gaussian distributions, and finance is not Gaussian to the core). As a physician, the concept of an independent advisor reverberates deeply with me. As a general rule, doctors do not treat their friends and family (colds, sure, surgery or serious disease, not so much) because we know outcomes are worse. Same with money, and the authors really could have gone deep into the growing deluge of behavioral economics research that bears this out. I agree with the reviewers: if I had only one book on inveting to recommend to friends and family, this would be it. In fact, I often give friends a copy of Strunk & White. I may have to expand that gift to a two-pack!
  • The Investment Answer

    By Asdf zombie hack
    9.8 cents a page for info you read everyday on any one of multiple websites. Better to take that $10.00 (I-tunes cost)(hardcover...almost $20.00) and put it in any dividend paying growth stock. If you want to donate money to his family, do so as I am sure they wouldn't turn it away. I do acknowledge that this dying man did want to reveal that which many of us already knew, most financial institutions are in it to make money for themselves first. You will always come in second at best.
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  • Don't Bother! It's a rehash of Google available advice!

    By vandy-o
    I watched Liz Clayman on Fox Business do a spot obituary of Gordon Murray and in it she sang this book's praises. I went to iBook store and read the sample that contained little or no substance. I thought "What's $9.99? Probably the late co-author's family might benefit and that's not all bad!" So I bought it, and on downloading it, I found it just like the sample. I presume this book was written as a marketing piece for the other author's financial practice. I wouldn't hire him. I've spent almost four decades in the financial services industry and hold several professional designations. All I learned from this book is that I should write one myself.
  • A great primer on the basics

    By Rubicon
    Building great wealth can be done by anyone - almost guaranteed - so long as you combine time with self- discipline. This little book, under a hundred pages, doesn't reveal any secrets to quick riches, but lays out the tried a true path that if followed will lead to real wealth.