How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dark Vengeance by Games Workshop

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dark Vengeance

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2012-09-01
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
Score: 3.5
From 41 Ratings
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In this comprehensive painting workshop, professional army painters Steve Bowerman, Chad Mierzwa, Chris Peach and Duncan Rhodes show you how to paint all the warriors, characters and vehicles found in the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance boxed game. The techniques in this guide can be used when painting any Dark Angels Space Marines, including the famed Deathwing and Ravenwing, or Chaos Space Marines from the Crimson Slaughter Renegade Space Marine Chapter.


  • Don’t waste your money

    By baqubah08
    Being new to warhammer I thought I would purchase this to hepl painting my dark vengance models. The only thing this book is good for is to give you a basic idea on how to paint them. There are no pictures of the back of the models, the company master and special weapons are nowhere to be found and thats just with the dark angels. I haven’t gotten around to painting the chaos space marines yet so I will save my thought on this. I have had to rely on the web to hepl with painting these models and to be honest, the only thing I’m using the book for is to know what paints to use, the web has way more information and has been way more helpful than this book. So save your money and use the web (youtube) to paint these models. I’m very dissapointed in GW, I love the game and the models but their books I will never buy again.
  • Not 'eavy metal

    By 'EavyMetalFan
    I would not buy this guide. The paint scheme and paint job look really amateurish, like something just hacked together in just a few minutes (or seconds!). The paint schemes look nothing like the "official figures" and they simply don't look right. I don't understand why Games Workshop (not to mention White Dwarf) are going this route. Why are there no articles by the 'eavy Metal team? I absolutely loved the masterclasses they used to have in White Dwarf, those actually gave you paint schemes that matched the official models. GW and White Dwarf, please listen: You need to have paint articles and guides written by the 'eavy Metal team. PLEASE. Why not leave the painting tips to the pros?
  • not a true guide

    By lumililin
    I felt that this tutorial on painting these two armies was very rushed and not descriptive in the slightest, I am attempting to paint the chaos side currently and quite frankly, it has left me stuck in several situations. I thought these guides were suppose to go in to great detail, and help new painters that want their models to look good. I was very wrong in this thinking that if I paid 10$ I should get a more worth while product. This guide has failed me greatly and I would not recommend getting it. there are plenty of online tutorials that go in to great depth, and take in great care in teaching new painters on what to do and how to do it, and here is the shocker, they don't ask for money.GW really needs to get their stuff together, and stop demanding an arm and a leg.
  • Meh

    By Stanucz
    Well built, but it isn't really worth the cost. It does not show anything advanced enough that can't already be found with a basic google search. It's nice to have the suggested paint colors, but they're chosen with the aim of just getting you a basic paint job as opposed to anything quality you might see on the box. While I had no illusions of being able to paint like a pro right away, I would like the info that helps me get there over time. This isn't it. I also think it's poor business to leave other reader platforms out in the cold. You can't even this stupid thing on a PC or Mac!
  • Mislead?

    By Red Scare112358
    I seem to have misunderstood. I purchased this painting guide assuming I would at least see close ups of the fantastic models displayed on the Dark Vengeance box art. It wasnt sold as a professionals guide, but I think anyone would assume that this guide would reference the models used in the box art and in the literature for Dark Vengeance. But the models shown in this guide are not the same style. No offence to the painter of these models but these are not Eavy Metal worthy. These models are table top worthy at best. The sergeant doesnt even have a face? Just a blob of flesh color. I assumed this would showcase some of the techniques used in the promo pics. I blew 10 bucks for a basic guide to painting tabletop miniatures. We could have gotten the same from any fan site on the web for free. We all look to be able to match our minis alongside those of the demo pics, but this guide will not get you there. Release true painting guides that showcase Display worthy techniques and I may purchase them in the future. But until then, Enjoy my ten bucks!
  • Waste of Money!

    By King Julien
    Ok, it's bad enough to pay $9.95 for a paint guide, that should have been in the boxed set, but what the H**L GW you don't include any 360° views of the figures? Also you don't paint them the same in the guide as you do in the picutres for both Dark Vengance Books included in the set and in White Dwarf (392) where you advertise the game. Other than knowing some of the specific paint you used the guide is worthless. This is what used to be in White Dwarf which I guess you are just trying to be greedy and get more money. If you are going to charge extra money it had better be worth it. Way more pictures are need, don't just say hey for this figure it's the same as we showed you on some unrelated figure. Give me all the steps for each figure. Show me how you painted these for the boxed set, not some watered down version. I am paying you for that! You just ruined me on buying any further paint guides because this one sucked!
  • A bit disappointing.

    By Thilix
    I picked this up right after I ordered the box set for dark vengeance. I thought it might include some how to videos and alternate paint schemes. Instead I got a few brief guides that referred to each other for certain steps. The least I thought I would get was a guide for each type of mini start to finish. Not a ok you've done this part now refer back to mini a part c to continue work. I'm disappointed especially with how wonderful these miniatures look.
  • A bit dissapointing

    By Toy2mo
    I expected the same 360 degree show case on the web. But there's no 360 degree showcase. Is there any update schedule for 360 degree gallery? Also like to see some guide for limited chaplain.
  • Of all Warhammer painting guides, this one should be free.

    By Ma5terLuke
    This is for the new players. Charging an extra 10 dollars to learn how to paint the starter box?! Come on. Stop punching customers in the groin. If you charge for painting guides, remove the painting requirements to play at GW stores and tournaments. As a 15 year customer i'm disgusted with this one the most.
  • Awesome

    By Yardstikk
    I have enjoyed all of the painting books. I am currently painting this starter set and really like how easy it is for color references. The pictures and steps far exceed a printed manual!